It's Apple Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro Time!

I just got notification that my Apple Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro will be delivered tomorrow (June 11th). Thank the Lord I’m home (on staycation) right now. As a long-haul trucker, I don’t get that much time at home and I’ve had to wait as long as 3 weeks before getting back home to get my new “computer toy” (that’s what my wife of 43 years calls them).

I have to admit that I’m really excited (even though I was not happy spending that much money on the keyboard cover). However, I just think that the way they designed the case will be fantastic. To be able to open and use it as a “laptop” and, then, simply pull it away from the case to use it as a tablet is just genius! Thank you Apple! I just hope that I’ll be this excited a few weeks after using the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro. I’ll let you know.